The rapid beer fermentation kit

Tired of waiting for larger batches of beer to ferment?  the new rapid fermentation kit may be the thing you’re looking for.

Using the 7.9-gallon conical fermentor is one of the best ways of brewing larger batches of beer much quicker in your own home.
The rapid fermentation kit contains:

1 x FastFerment 7.9 Gallon Conical Fermenter

1 x 6-inch Screw Top Grommeted Lid

1 x Collection Ball

1 x 1 inch Union, Teflon Valve and Fittings

1 x set of wall mount, Bolts, and Anchors

1 x 1/2 inch PVC Hose and Clamp

1 x FastFerment Assembly Instructions

1 x Equipment Instructions

1 x Liquid Crystal Thermometer

1 x Hydrometer

1 x Airlock

1 x 24 inch Spoon

1 x Bottle Brush

1 x Twin Lever Capper

1 x 4 oz. IO Star

1 x 4 oz. Easy Clean

the kit contains everything you need for the rapid fermentation of larger batches of beer for you and your buddies.  you could even start a craft beer business.


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